Gifts with flowers for mother’s day

In just three weeks we will celebrate Mother’s Day and I’m sure you’re already looking for ideas for the gift you want to give to one of the most special people in your life(Gifts with flowers for mother’s day). And it is our mothers, who have fought and sacrificed so much for us, and who have given us so much love, at least once a year, they deserve a tribute and we tell them how much we love them and what we appreciate all that They have done for us in a disinterested way.

The truth is that there are many options among which we can choose, so the final decision will depend a lot on how your mother is. However, there is a gift that always hits, which are the plants and flowers at home.

We all love to receive a nice bouquet of flowers or a basket of plants at home, especially those who are fond of gardening or who love decoration. And this type of gifts are not a mere material gift, but have the ability to convey any emotion or feeling without saying a single word. And it is precisely this that makes the moment in which we receive them become a unique and special memory. Because we know that, with them, the person who sends them to us is telling us a lot. And if our son also sends them to us, the emotion is much greater.

Obviously, nobody better than you knows your mother and knows what she might like. But if you’re a little lost and do not know what kind of flowers to decide, today at Florist Petals we bring you some gift ideas with flowers for Mother’s Day that we are sure will help you to inspire you.

For traditional mothers: roses and orchids

If your mother is a classic woman who likes the things of a lifetime, nothing better than a nice bouquet of roses.Roses are the queens of the floral universe, both for their beauty and for what they symbolize: love, admiration, gratitude, etc. Just the feelings we want to convey to you on that day. Therefore, it is not strange that they are one of the preferred options for Mother’s Day.

Of course, you should bear in mind that, depending on the color of the rose, you will be expressing a different message, so it is important that you know what the meaning of each one is. While red roses represent passionate love, pink roses are the symbol of affection, gratitude and admiration, white roses of unconditional love and yellow roses of happiness and joy.

But if the bouquets of flowers do not convince you because they wither with the passing of days, you can also opt for an orchid, which are also one of the most popular options for this date. You can find them in pink, purple, yellow, white, blue, etc.

For elegant mothers: lilacs

Lilacs are another of the infallible floral bets. Like roses and orchids, they are classic flowers, but they are perfect for transmitting the love between mother and child.

For modern mothers: hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are also a great choice as a gift for Mother’s Day. A plant that grows wild in humid climates and that is able to resist temperatures below 5 degrees. The biggest advantage is that it does not require much care or much light, so it is perfect for mothers who are very busy.

As for the range of colors, we can find from the hydrangeas in deep blue to the pink rose, passing through the lilac or the fuchsia. With which, you will not find any problem to find the color that best fits the way of being of your mother.

For fighting mothers: tulips

Tulips are precious and unique flowers that represent renewal and new life. We all go through difficult times and surely your mother has always been there to help you when you have needed it in a disinterested way. If your mother is going through a difficult time, it is time to return her love and remind her that you will always be there with a nice bouquet of tulips.

For mothers who love cooking: aromatic herbs

If your mother loves cooking, you will surely love to receive a set of aromatic plants that you can place on your balcony or terrace to have on hand whenever you are preparing your dishes. Some of the options you can choose are basil, oregano, thyme, mint or rosemary. Do not doubt that you will enjoy a lot with it, and you also when you prepare your specialty of pesto pasta with fresh basil.

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