Happy Mother’s Day Messages

Happy Mother’s Day, My Love

Happy Mother’s Day, my love! You are a fascinating woman, immensely wonderful. You are the wife of my children, the princess of my heart, the queen of my life.

I would like to say a thousand and one things, to give you a thousand and one compliments, but I think nothing is as real as saying “I love you”. And that’s what I want most: to scream to the world how much I love everything about you. All! Have a happy day, my love!

Happy Mother’s Day with God in charge

I thank all the mothers of the world, the kindness I acknowledge to them; 
the surrender, the joy. 
You, along with the grace of the Lord, have given life, renewed love in this world. 
You suffer, you fight, you win! 
Happy Mothers Day!

May God keep His watchful eye toward you all. 
To help them reach their goals and overcome the fire tests inherent in the growth of a son or daughter. 
Never give up!

Sometimes it can be complicated, educating someone in our image is always a difficult task, but it is always within the reach of those who have the strength and courage. 
To you I dedicate this day and I hope you are immensely happy. 

Congratulations, moms of this world!

Happy Mother’s Day, my great love

You are one of the most amazing women I have ever met. 
I am blessed to have by my side the most beautiful and generous wife in the world. 
You are simply the love of my life and the mother I always wanted for my children. 
Happy mother’s day, honey!

I can’t find words to thank you for everything you have provided to me and this special family that we built with love and commitment. 
And you, honey, have been able to turn trivial moments into unforgettable moments. 
I’m very lucky, love!

I only wish we never got lost in tumultuous paths. 
And may the blessing of life and love always be the greatest gift of our day in our homes. 
Enjoy your day with your loved ones and with a smile solve all the world’s issues; 
as always. 
I adore you, honey!

Happy Mother’s Day, dear friend

Friend, you are the best mother in the world! 
My admiration for her performance as an educator is simply giant. 
Never stop being so special and loving. 
Have a happy mother’s day!

May your family always be your shelter, the reason for your joys. 
And may your home live peace and love, happiness! 
Friend, it’s a privilege for the world and your children to have a beautiful mother inside and out like you!

Happy Mother’s Day, From my heart

My godmother is like a mother to me. 
That is why today I give you my full attention and leave you my deep tribute, straight from my heart. 
Dinda, Happy Mother’s Day!

You have always treated me in a very special way, your look has always been generous and your gestures the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life! 
To me, you will always be like a mother, like someone I love with all my truth.

I just hope you are proud of your role as godmother, because you have never been disappointed and have always been present at all times. 
Then I will love and honor her every day.

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