The best flowers for mother’s day


There is no doubt that flowers become the protagonists of Mother’s Day. And is that besides being a precious gift, capable of transmitting any type of feeling without saying a single word, flowers are always a success, because all women love them. Of course, we must bear in mind that not all mothers are equal and that each of them is unique, with their way of being and their preferences. Is your mother a traditional mother or, on the contrary, is she a modern mother? Which is your favorite color? Is there a flower that you like especially?

Only you can answer these questions. But the truth is that, although you do not have it very clear, receiving flowers at home on Mother’s Day is always a guarantee of success. Your mother will love you simply for the detail of having remembered you and because they are a true sign of affection. Therefore, if you are a little hesitant, then we bring you some ideas of flowers to give on this date with which you will always look great.


Shakespeare once said: “Even if the rose were called in another way, it would smell just as good.” In Florist Petals we totally agree. And there are no flowers so rooted in tradition, mythology and legends that roses. Although it is common for lovers to give them to their Valentine in love, more and more children are also giving them to their mothers for being one of the most elegant flowers.

But in addition, throughout history, roses have always been associated with motherhood. In Ancient Greece they were the flower that was related to the god Isis and Aphrodite and in the Middle Ages it was seen as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Nowadays, we can find them in a great variety of colors that can symbolize very different things: passion, happiness, friendship … Therefore, they are perfect as a gift for a mother.


The carnations, despite their simplicity, are very beautiful flowers with a very delicate aroma. They symbolize love, fascination and distinction. But in addition, each color has its own meaning. Red evokes admiration, while white carnations represent good luck.

Many times they have been intended to serve as a complement to other flowers that are considered more elegant, such as roses. However, they can form a bouquet by themselves and look beautiful.

In fact, the carnations were the first flowers that were part of Mother’s Day. In 1907, during the first celebration of this day, Anna Javis distributed white carnations, the favorite flowers of her mother. For this reason, carnations are one of the most traditional options to give this day.


If you want to surprise your mother with a more original gift, you can opt for a beautiful bouquet of tulips. Although these flowers were first brought to Europe from Persia and Turkey in the sixteenth century, they have a long tradition in the Netherlands. Such was his popularity in this country, that they even cost ten times the salary of a craftsman. Tulips are perfect for Mother’s Day, but especially for those mothers who have just given birth.


The orchids symbolize the finesse and beauty. In China, mothers are even given to wish for a great offspring. But beyond the customs, the truth is that orchids are one of the best options for Mother’s Day. All mothers would love to receive them from their children on such a special day. And the best part is that you can find them in a great variety of colors: white, purple, yellow, pink .


The lilliums represent maternal affection and warmth. In fact, in the Catholic religion this flower is related to the Virgin Mary. And although they can be found in a wide variety of colors, white and blue lilliums are usually the preferred options for Mother’s Day.

However, symbolism should not be the only factor to consider when choosing flowers for Mother’s Day. We must also take into account the way she is, whether she is a classical mother or a modern mother.

Flowers for classic mothers

As we have already said, the carnation is the traditional flower of Mother’s Day, so it is perfect for more classic mothers. You can choose a large bouquet of assorted colored carnations or a varied bouquet that includes some carnations. Also, since carnations last longer, your mother can enjoy them longer.

But you can also opt for a bouquet that includes your mother’s favorite flowers. If your mom prefers flowers that permeate the entire house with her fragrance, then the best option is a bouquet that includes carnations, roses, lilliums or lavenders.

Flowers for modern mothers

If you have a modern mother, choose flowers that reflect your way of life. Instead of choosing a classic bouquet of flowers, you can opt for a basket of flowering plants. The advantage is that plants can be maintained for a long time with proper care. At the end of the day, one of the best things that mothers do is take care of their offspring.

But regardless of whether your mother is traditional or modern, it does not matter what type of flowers you choose. Your mother will like them simply because they come from you and from what they symbolize. Make your order at Petals Florist and we will take them to your home even on Sunday.

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