When is Mother’s Day in Ecuador 2020

The Mother’s Day in Ecuador is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in May, and its closest celebration next May 10, 2020.

Mother's Day in Ecuador 2020

On this day it was created with the purpose of paying homage to that special and valuable woman in our lives, who helps us every day without expecting anything in return and always offering all her love.

During this day, the mothers of Ecuador should be filled with love for their families and especially for their children, the most gratifying thing for her will be knowing that her children love her.


Would you like some suggestions to cheer up your mother in her day? Then, pay attention to the following ideas:

  • We suggest you write messages saying that you love her, so you can always remember your words, it can be a poem, or give her a box of chocolates if she likes sweets, she will surely like it.
  • Ecuador is a country with a tropical climate, maybe it will rain this day, or maybe not. We will give you two options so that in any weather, you can enjoy this day. If it rains, you can invite mom to a movie evening, find out with dad what types of movies she likes, and let nothing stop them for fun on this rainy afternoon. If the weather is sunny, you can invite mom to a bike ride, on the beach or in a park, for sure enjoy the time you share together.

How Mother’s Day is celebrated in Ecuador

This special day for mothers is celebrated all over the world and was created to honor all women who have had children, because they are so valuable and impossible to replace in our lives. It is the perfect moment to thank them for all they have done for us in a disinterested way because they are there to take care of us day after day.

Thus, in Ecuador, this celebration is also offered for them, filling them with love, not only from their sons and daughters but also from all their loved ones. The sons and daughters, to let their mothers know that they love them, decide to spend the day with them doing things that they know will be valuable memories for them. The most usual is to give them symbolic and sentimental gifts to unique moments doing activities of all kinds in the family.

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Did you like the suggestions? tell us what you have done with mom on her day.

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