When is Mother’s Day in Spain 2020

The Mother’s Day in Spain is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of May and is held soon on May 3, 2020. the Spanish mothers are honored on that date because it is associated with the Virgin Mary, as this month dedicated to the mother of Jesus.

When is Mother's Day in Spain
When is Mother’s Day in Spain

In Spain it is a very special day where all the children honor their mothers, it is tradition to make gifts as a sign of affection and love, although it is not necessarily an expensive gift, since with the fact of showing our affection with many kisses and hugs, for our mother will be enough.


If you want to continue reading our article, below we will give you some suggestions to honor mom in different ways in her day.

On a day like this, all our love should be for mom, make her start her day with the scent of a pretty bouquet of roses at her side, without realizing it, you can leave it while she sleeps. Remember that you can buy it through Interflora.

An inexpensive and extremely treasured gift for Mom is a gift with a family photo, you can add a box of chocolates along with this gift. Another alternative would be to personalize an album of photos or other objects. In the following article, we teach you to find an economic plan for Mother’s Day.

Sure mom will want to rest before starting to enjoy her day, and this will run on your own, organize a home spa, with candles, rose petals and bath salts.

If you like technology, there are plenty of options, you only need a budget from an ebook so you can read digitally, through smartphones, tablets and all kinds of gadgets, the market offers variety you just need to have a little more of money reserved for the occasion.

Finally, there is always the option to give jewelry, but before buying anything really investigates what is needed, in this way you will give a useful gift and not something else to fill your jeweler.

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