When is Mother’s Day in the United States 2020

The Mother’s Day in America is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May, this day thanks to two women, one of them held Julia Ward Howe, writer and author of the anthem of the Repúbluca, she wanted to honor the Mothers dedicating an exclusive day for them, in the year 1872 began to hold meetings to celebrate Mother’s Day in Boston, where she lived.

Mother's Day in the United States 2020

The other influence on this day is Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis, a housewife who created the International Mother’s Day Association in 1905, in commemoration of her mother Anne Arie Reeves Jarvis, who in the Civil War of the USA, He tried to achieve an improvement in the sanitary conditions of both sides.

You should know that this is a very important and special day for many women and they do not necessarily have to be biological mothers on this day, it also pays homage to adoptive mothers, stepmothers, aunts, godmothers and other women who fulfill the role of mother.

Tips to celebrate Mother’s Day in the United States

To start this day in a special way, you can prepare a nice bouquet of flowers with the help of dad, it will be a detail that mom will surely love, you can also prepare a delicious breakfast to take it wherever you want, a great option, it will be that you bring breakfast and flowers to bed.

A family picnic, tranquility, and happiness is all that mom needs on this day and you can have a nice picnic in the country, prepare lunch, some family games, and a snack to spend the day connected with nature, sure mom will love to enjoy with family this day.

If you like technology, there are plenty of options, you only need a budget from an ebook so you can read digitally, through smartphones, tablets and all kinds of gadgets, the market offers variety you just need to have a little more of money reserved for the occasion.

Finally, there is always the option to give jewelry, but before buying anything really investigates what is needed, in this way you will give a useful gift and not something else to fill your jeweler.

How Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States

Mother’s Day in the United States is celebrated in a very similar way to the rest of the countries. Normally, the children and the husband usually have some greeting card designed to pay homage to the mother and, in it, include messages of thanks or poems to congratulate mothers on this great day. Here you will find some poems for Mother’s Day.

Afterward, it is usually given a special gift and thought only for her a breakfast prepared by the children, a craft made by the children or, if the children are older, they bet on buying an activity such as, for example, an afternoon at the spa, a beauty treatment, etcetera.

Although it is not a holiday, many schools do contribute to honoring the mothers and, therefore, some kinds of crafts are made so that the little ones work to give their mothers gifts with a detail made by themselves.

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