Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

The tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day dates back to Ancient Greece. In Spain, it was held on December 8 and then we opted for the first Sunday in May. (In addition to Spain, the first Sunday in May is also celebrated by Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, South Africa, and Romania)

Mother’s Day in Spain is a family celebration with many years of antiquity. Although its true origin is unknown, there are several versions of when the celebration for mothers was born. One of them has to do with the Catholic tradition and, until 1965, the celebration was held every December 8 (Day of the Immaculate Conception Virgin). The North American influence caused the traditions separated leaving the Day of the Mother for the month of May. This was chosen as the month of Mary, of flowers and renewal.

Although many accuse the holidays as “business days”, the reality is that Mother’s Day has many cultural traditions. In Catholics, the image of the Virgin Mary is a symbol of motherhood and that is why in principle the day of the Immaculate Conception was associated with that of mothers. The tradition goes back to the fourth Sunday of Lent when flowers and gifts were offered to the Mother Church, that is, the church where each one had been baptized. But this tradition changed, allowing the serfs to return to their homes only for that Sunday, very similar to the current celebration.

Anna Jarvis, however, is considered the author of this holiday, since after the death of her mother she made several campaigns so that the mothers had their day in the month of May. In 1910 the idea of ​​Jarvis began to be implemented, and after a few years, the celebration had become a tradition in the United States. Many countries began to copy the initiative of the Americans and that is why the celebration spread during the month of May.

300 years after celebrating it on December 8, Spain adopts the US stance and it begins to celebrate it the first Sunday of May from 1965

Mother’s Day, beyond gifts, flowers or chocolates, means a thank you to our mothers for dedicating themselves to the hardest, incessant and wonderful work that exists. To thank who has given us life escapes commercial sales and reminds us of the importance of family. Courage, determination, willpower, love, and restraint are the most beautiful values ​​that can teach us. And mom takes care of it.

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